Concealed Weapons Permit

When: Wednesday’s at 6PM and Saturday’s at 11AM
Length: 3 Hours
Cost: $75 class and $13 Range Time
Description: Upon Successful Completion of this course you will be able to apply to the State for your concealed weapons permit.

Topics Covered:
Firearm Safety
Firearm Manipulation
Discuss the application process
State laws and regulations pertaining to the concealed weapons permit (FL Statues, 493, 776, 790)
Live fire on the range

Basic Firearm Safety Course

When: By appointment
Length: 2-3 Hours
Cost: $95 plus $13 Range Time , ammo (varies by caliber)
Description: This course is for the person who wants to have a more in-depth knowledge of handling a firearm

Topics Covered:
Firearm Safety
Firearm nomenclature
Shooting Fundamentals
Firearm cleaning/maintenance
Safe Firearm Storage
Live Fire on the range


Range Time


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